Board Members

Honorary Board Members

Xernona Clayton

Honorary Mother

Founder, President & CEO of The Trumpet Awards, Civil Rights Leader/Activist and Broadcasting Executive Pioneer

Mrs. Sarah-Elizabeth Langford Reed

Brand Ambassador

First Lady of Atlanta, Miss District of Columbia USA & Miss District of Columbia

Deidra Dukes


Honorary Board Member

News Anchor, Reporter at WAGA-TV, FOX 5

Executive Board Members

Rassalyn Willis

President/Executive Director

CEO, Xclusive Hair Studio & Spa LLC

Rachelle O'Neil


Congressional Staffer at U.S. Congress Atlanta, Georgia

Elaine Johnson

Vice Chair

Sr. Project Manager, AT&T

Chante Obazee


Accounting Manager, Coca-Cola

Daniel   Summers Jr.


Non Profit Coach and Consultant

Mariellen Bailer

Marketing Director

Director of Operations, Upscale Magazine

Dr. Rhonda Travitt


Vice Chair of Department, Christian University of Southern Indiana

Advisory Board Members

Mercedes Miller

Executive Director, Georgia International Convention Center

Rewa Collier

Deputy District Attorney

Catina A. Wilson

VP, Chief of Staff and Franchise Owner of Cruise Planners

Hazel Clark

3X Olympian

Global Sports and Education Ambassador

Dr. Dayna London

Psychiatrist of Rehabilitation Physicians of Georgia

Cherrie Robinson

Owner and Culinary Artist, Iced Out Cakes

Credo Of A Healthy Woman



She has the ability and willingness to access mental health resources regularly, while possessing a knowledge of emotional intelligence, stress, and time management skills.


She is mentally healthy and acknowledges her Resiliency without sacrificing her physical and spiritual wellness.



She understands. values, and seeks to learn about at least seven generations of her ancestors and is actively learning an in- depth cultural history of her people.



She maintains a daily spiritual regimen by incorporating prayer and medition from practies that affirm her cultural identity.



She seeks to maintain a healthy lifestyle, nutritous diet, and affirming body image. She is active on a daily basis by engaging in life affirming activities with a diet primarily consisting of vegetables and fruits.



She develops a personal plan that empowers her to be economically independent, hold zero debt, build transgenerational wealth, and be a property owner.



She embraces, recognizes, harnesses, and honers her sacred sexual power, while engaging in healty sexual practices.




She values and listens to the wisdom of healthy elders, maintains personally fulfilling relationships, and participates in Rites of Passage for life transitions. Her relations are mutually respectful with family, peers and community memebers.



She is aware of and informed regarding the important political issues and power stuctures globally and within her community. She has access to elected officials, contacts them when issues arise, and votes regulary.



She strives to live in a community in which she is able to interact with healthy individuals, whild maintaining an awareness of interconnectedness with Mother Earth and all life forms.


Cultural Politics

She acknowledges the existence of and resists institutionalized racism, gender, and economic inequality, privilege, and microaggressions.



It is the policy of the Motherless Daughters Foundation to provide services to all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability. No person shall be excluded from participation in, or be denied the benefits of, any service; or be subject to discrimination because of race, color, national origin religion, sex, age or disability. 

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